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Talc is a metamorphic mineral in solid form. The full scientific name is hydrated magnesium silicate, with the chemical formula is Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. In nature, talc is often found in a stone called steatite or soapstone (a high-talc rock), it is often combined with other minerals such as chloride and carbonate. Talc is usually blue, white, gray, brown or colorless.
In various industries ranging from plastics, cosmetics, paper, etc. talc is ground into white powder and mixed with other compounds so it is known as talcum powder. In addition, talc is also known as "soft stone". This stone, as its name suggests, has a special softness that is often used in sculpture.
Because of the following 4 outstanding features, "talcum powder" or "soft stone" are widely applied in different fields:

  • Moderate softness (Talc has the lowest hardness compared to other minerals in nature)
  • Very smooth, feels like soap when touching
  • Good electrical insulation, good insulation, high melting point, low thermal expansion
  • Force with organic substances (capable of combining with organic substances)
  • Is an inert chemical

At Anupam Talc We have a variety of Talc Powder for various applications.

Our Talc Specification are

(1) Chemical Name: Hydrated Magnesium Silicate Mg3Si4O10 (OH) 2
(2) Hardness: < 1 Mohs.
(3) Sp. Gravity: 2.5 - 2.8
(4) LOI: 4.8%
(5) MgO: 30%
(6) SeO2: 60%
(7) Fe2O3: 0.75 - 2.50%
(8) CaO: 0.5 - 18%
(9) Al2O3 - 0.5%
(10) Acid Soluble: 1.8 - 30%
(11) Mesh - 200 - 800
(12) Particles Size: 5u - 80u
(13) Brightness / Lightness: 75 - 99%

We have a Vast range of Talc Powder from pinkest to calcium mix Talc (Cal Talc) to meet our customers requirement and also we can develop grade as per our customers specifications.


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