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Anupam Talc

Processing Machines -

Our machines include Raw Material vilration screen, Jaw Crushers, Harmer Mills (Pulversion), Roller Mills, Ball Mills, classifier Mills.

Packing & Storage

We have to option to pack the product is 25 kg / 50kg / 500kg / 1000kg as per customers requirement. We use P.P. bags, Laminated Bags, Bags with Polythene liner and Jumbo Bags to pack our product.

Quality Control -

At Anupam Group we focus mainly on quality control. Ensure our customers to get exact quality or specs they need. Our quality control process stands with the raw material entering our factory. The raw material is unloaded only after passing the specs. After getting it unloaded proper salting and washing is done to remove impurities. During crushing also impurities are removed by over trained workers to insure the quality specs.
During grinding or micronized, frequent samples are drawn on honesty basis to check the quality and consistency of product.

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We Deliver Quality Products

We maintain desired level of Quality in our Products.