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For thousands of years, CaCO3 has been one of the most useful minerals for humans, in different fields. And so far, one of the industries that use CaCO3 the most is probably the filler masterbatch industry.
After the resin, CaCO3 also plays an important role in making filler masterbatch. Among the fillers, calcium carbonate masterbatch is the most commonly used type one especially the plastic and rubber industry.

Regarding to plastic fillers, they are often insoluble minerals that are added into the primary plastic to increase the volume for plastics. They play many roles in masterbatch production, from reducing production costs to improving product features such as increased durability and rigidity. calcium carbonate masterbatch has many applications in various production areas.
CaCO3 filler masterbatch is used to produce thin/thick films, evaporate plastic films, heat-resistant films, etc. In addition, plastic fillers are also involved in the production processes of PE or PP plastic with the role of preventing segmentation or fibrillation. CaCO3 masterbatch is also very useful for manufacturing plastic products by injection molding technique, so it is widely used in the production of spare parts, equipment, household products, etc.